Purchase policy

1 - Delivery policy on special dates

Although we will do our best to deliver the order on time, on special dates like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other holidays, there may be problems that cause delays.

If we are unable to deliver your order on the date you requested, we will deliver it on the earliest date available and refund the delivery fee . In this case, we cannot give a refund for the order.

2 - Changes on the requested date of the delivery and delays

If your order does not arrive on your requested date, we will refund the delivery fee but we cannot refund the total price of your order.

Please note that we do not issue refunds if the order does not arrive on time due to circumstances outside our control (if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery, for example).

If the delivery cannot be made because your chosen date is a local public holiday, your order will arrive the next working day. In this case, we cannot offer any kind of refund or send any new product.

3 - Incorrect or incomplete delivery information in the client's order form

During the purchase process, please make sure the address you provide is correct and complete. we recommend that you double check all the fields to avoid delivery problems and any other inconvenience.

If we cannot deliver the order to its recipient because the address is incorrect or incomplete, we cannot offer any kind of refund or send another product. Though our team will contact you to try to solve and get the correct details.

4 - Deliveries to institutions or hotels

If you would like to send flowers to someone staying in a hotel, don’t forget to specify the name of the person who made the booking and the room number (if you know it).

We will do everything we can to make sure your bouquet reaches its recipient, but we cannot guarantee delivery if we do not know the delivery reception conditions of the destination. If the delivery cannot be made for one of these reasons, we cannot offer any kind of refund or send any new product.

5- Product refused by the recipient

No one can say no to a beautiful bouquet of flowers but if for any reason the recipient does not accept the flowers, we cannot offer any kind of refund or send any new product.

6- Quality policy

We prepare our bouquets by hand and select only the freshest flowers. Although we strive to make sure your bouquet looks as similar as possible to the original product photo, there may be some slight variations. Each flower varies from the other and working in flowers is very delicate and depends on season and weather and many other nature factors that do not depend on us.

Please note that the photo displays an example of these products, and that the brand or model we send depends on availability. But don’t worry: we will make sure the item received is of a similar quality to the one displayed on our website. If you receive a product that differs slightly from the original photo, but that complies with the necessary quality standards, we cannot offer any kind of refund or send any new product.

7- Product substitution policy

Occasionally, the florist preparing your order may not have one of the items or flowers that appear in the bouquet description in stock, and will need to substitute it with another product. Don’t worry: we guarantee that the substitute will always be of the same or higher value compared to the product you chose. Should our florist have no stock of one of the additional products you ordered, We will proceed to send you the order without this product and we will refund you with a voucher for the same price to be used on your next order. Our florist might need to make changes to the colours of some flowers, but we assure you that the tones of the bouquet displayed on the website will be maintained.

Remember that the photo is just for demonstration purposes: we can’t guarantee that the colours in your bouquet will be exactly the same as those in the picture. For example, a pink bouquet may be paler or brighter, but it will always be pink.

This type of change does not entitle you to a refund, compensation or delivery of another product.

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